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"Fast fashion" adds speed to the apparel industry


"Fast fashion" adds speed to the apparel industry


Near the Shaxi Fuhua Station near the Spring Festival, the large and small fabrics are in a busy schedule. “There are Fuyuan International Garment Office, Yunhan Trade and Clothing Wholesale Market, and numerous cloth dealerships surrounding Fuhua Terminus and Shaxi Station.” Last week, Huang Minghua, Director of Zhongshan Textile & Garment Inspection Laboratory, Guangzhou Analysis & Testing Center, China, told reporters Based on this logistics advantage, large and small distributors and e-commerce companies have chosen to deploy here. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 3,000 neighboring companies.


On June 1, 2016, the China Textile Testing & Fast Testing Laboratory of Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Center in China officially opened its doors here. In the past two years, the laboratory has provided more than 4,000 inspection reports for Sapporo, Daejung Bulk, and apparel companies, especially clothing suppliers across the country, promoting the overall quality of fabrics, yarns, and apparel.


"Fast fashion" requires a higher detection speed


"I don't know if you noticed it? Now, on TV, the clothes worn by stars have been sold on Taobao for a few days. The garment industry has entered the fast fashion stage." Huang Minghua took tea and opened the topic: the cycle of clothing sales now. Shorter and shorter, fast fashion promotes the traditional apparel industry to accelerate the pace of technological upgrading, design and production. Traditional clothing brands release trends from the T stage, and then produce products, go to stores, special counters, it usually takes several months, high-end brands even need six months. However, based on "fast fashion," companies can transform their product concepts into consumer products in a very short period of time. The fastest companies can now do so in 10 days. At present, the most representative brands in "Fast Fashion" include foreign companies such as ZARA, H&M, KM, Uniqlo, and domestic EMINU.


In response to industry demand, China’s Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Center “moves forward” the laboratory and chose to set up a spot in Shaxi Town, a famous town for casual wear in China.


“The reason for setting up Shaxi is mainly to provide convenience for the industry. Here, cloth distribution is centralized. Buyers from all parts of the country come here to pick up fabrics. In the past, the quality of cloth was only based on experience. Now that there is a fast inspection service, the customer has chosen Through testing, they can be packed and transported to various places.” Huang Minghua said that they reduced the time for testing to about an hour. This is rare in the industry. Winning time is very important for buyers, and to varying degrees Prosperous surrounding the business.


Scan the QR code to see the quality


With the increasingly stringent quality of products, clothing and electricity providers have settled in Alibaba, opened Taobao shop, need to have a test report, which provides space for fast inspection services. The reporter opened Alibaba's business service market and entered the “textile fabric composition test.” After entering, it can be seen that many testing organizations have already entered.


The products inspected by Shaxi Laboratories of China Guangda Testing Co., Ltd. cover home textiles and industrial textiles ranging from textile fibers to finished textiles and clothing. The inspection projects cover physical testing of textile services, dye chemical testing, component content testing and ecological safety testing. For example, textile and clothing physical properties testing, color fastness testing, composition analysis, ecological textile testing. Provide testing technology services for textile and clothing and its e-commerce companies to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and apparel industry.


According to Huang Minghua, some clothing brands have now printed the QR code on clothes and went to the mall to buy clothes. Simply scan the QR code and you can see detailed test reports. "Detection is an important work to improve product quality. Through testing, it gradually cultivates the company's sense of quality. If the product is dismantled or even destroyed due to quality problems, it will be a big loss for the e-commerce company," said Huang Minghua.


Industry perspective "Innovation + Brand" enhances traditional industry "gold content"


Zheng Zhengke, a professional in the apparel industry, said that nowadays, unlike the past, the garment industry is dominated by mass production. Now the industry tends to “have a small amount of demand”, that is, the production volume of each style is small, but the design, quality, color, style And other aspects require high standards.


Shi Jiejun, a member of the Guangdong Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and a doctor of economics, believes that in the new situation, the most important two paths to improve the quality of development are: innovation and brand development. As the first region developed in the reform and opening up in Guangdong, the majority of SMEs have developed by relying on “three to one supplements”. Their main driving force is low-cost development factors such as low labor costs, environmental protection costs, and land costs. With low-profile and pragmatic style, the development of SME brands has been slow in recent years. In many market segments, they have not seized the opportunity and have been surpassed by the enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta.


Shi Jiejun believes that in the future development, if the company does not have a brand, it will fall into a price quagmire, the development of enterprises will become more and more difficult, there is no profit, it will not be able to support the innovation and development of enterprises, will also affect the transformation and upgrading of SMEs in Guangdong. At present, China is under a wave of consumption upgrades. The domestic demand market itself has a dividend. And this bonus can only be extracted through innovation and brand development.


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Address: Miansan Creative District, No. 38, Xitai Street, Hedong District, Tianjin (next to Guotai Bridge, Haihe East Road)4-209



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